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                                TANDA’s DID LCD video wall appears in Beijing Municipal Government Conference Building               
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TANDA LCD Video Wall Used in High Class Jewelry Industry

On December 1st, 2011, TANDA 46inch video wall was used by SAM APM to present their company and show their products in Shanghai Jewelry Exhibition.

In this year, TANDA video walls have been used in high class luxury industries many times,such as in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing and so on. TANDA video walls were used in Jewelry industry due to its high brightness, high contrast and high resolution. At the same time, TANDA adopts integrated and modular splicing method, and the video walls can work continuously for 7*24 with strong stability.

Everybody knows that the video walls were used in security surveillance industry at beginning, and rarely used in other industries. However, the video walls are used in many industries today due to its prompt development.Now TANDA video wall were used in jewelry industry commonly and it will get into all-round development stage—TANDA video walls will be used in public and homes



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